ATC Offshore is a Registered API-U Training Provider. Our API-U training courses comply with
API Recommended Practices and Specifications 2C and AD 7th Edition and thus provide the
highest quality and reputable training and certification from the American Petroleum Institute.

ATC Offshore can mobilise our trainers and assessors anywhere in the world to deliver
internationally recognized training, verification of competency and other skills assessments.

Onsite training is a flexible and cost/time effective solution as we work around your
production schedules with minimal downtime. There is a reduced risk of your employees not
`showing-up’ to the training courses and training/assessment
can be undertaken whilst work is being performed.

We can customize and modify training and assessment to meet your company and
operational policies, procedures, standards and any specific equipment requirements.

Our trainer/assessors and support team can undertake training needs analysis (TNA),
consulting, supervisions and development of skills training, community based education
programs, commissioning and shut downs, competency management
and assurance and career pathways.

ATC Offshore is a Global Service Provider for Offshore Lifting Operations & Solutions