Providing Global Lifting Solutions

ATC Offshore are a leader in the offshore lifting industry, focusing on providing offshore crane training and inspection services to the global community.

Founded by a team of experienced technical professionals from the Australasian region. Our drive is to provide sustainable futures through connected and equitable learning opportunities and providing inspection services and manpower to assist with asset management to the highest international standards.

Our inspection & technical services are comprehensive and to international and recognised standards. With a network of crane and lifting equipment manufacturers, we can assure reliable and accurate results whilst maintaining efficiency to minimise downtime and loss of production.

Our training programs focus on addressing skills gaps in the global offshore industry and can provide a range of training solutions including: fundamental work ready training; plant and equipment skills; LEEA certification and Australian Nationally Recognised Training through our subsidiary Registered Training Company (RTO), ATC Training Services RTO #46072.

ATC Offshore holds international membership and accreditation in the offshore & lifting industries for our services. We offer end-to-end solutions for all lifting needs from offshore crane operation, offshore crane operator training and assessments, competency assurance packages, third party crane inspection services, lifting solutions & services, revision of lifting procedures including document development and amendment, procurement and inspection of lifting equipment and provision of manpower aligning with international legislation, regulations, standards and best practice.

ATC Offshore recognises that clients and individuals require these services and qualifications in compliance to multiple international standards and understand the fundamental challenges for industry across the globe as we strive to deliver the best approach for the effective, economic and sustainable future for industry and asset management.


Nationally Recognised Training

British Standard Training

American API-U Training