About Us

ATC Offshore have offices located in Perth, Western Australia and in Singapore. We aim to be a leader in the offshore lifting industry, focusing on providing offshore crane training and inspection services to the global community. Founded by a team of experienced technical professionals from the Australasian region. Our drive is to provide sustainable futures through connected and equitable learning opportunities and providing inspection services and manpower to assist with asset management to the highest international standards.

Our inspection & technical services are comprehensive and our network of partnerships with crane and lifting equipment manufacturers assures reliable and accurate results with efficiency to minimise downtime of equipment and machinery.

Our training programs focus on addressing skills gaps in the global offshore industry and can provide a range of training solutions including: fundamental work ready training; plant and equipment skills; workplace English language courses; community health and development programs; HSE; train-the-trainer; and Certificate and Diploma level qualifications.

ATC Offshore holds international membership and accreditation in the offshore & lifting industries for our services. We offer end to end solutions for all lifting needs from offshore crane operation, offshore crane operator training and assessments, competency assurance packages, third party crane inspection services, lifting solutions & services, revision of lifting procedures including document development and amendment, procurement and inspection of lifting equipment and provision of manpower aligning with international legislation, regulations, standards and best practice.

ATC Offshore recognises that clients and individuals require these services and qualifications in compliance to multiple international standards and understand the fundamental challenges for industry across the globe as we strive to deliver the best approach for the effective, economic and sustainable future for industry and asset management.

Working or seeking employment in the following sectors?

  • Offshore Construction and Commisioning
  • Offshore Oil & Gas – Production & Maintenance
  • Marine
  • Petro-Chemical
  • Mining
  • Construction

ATC Offshore Core international training programs are listed below but not limited to;-

  • Offshore Crane Operation – Stage 1,2,3
  • Offshore Crane Operation API RP 2D
  • Offshore Crane Inspection API Spec 2C & RP 2D
  • Offshore Crane Operator – Reassessments
  • Banksman
  • Offshore Rigger API RP 2D
  • Wire Rope Inspection and Socketing
  • Onshore Cranes – Various configurations
  • Rigging – All levels & Stages
  • Scaffolding – All levels and Stages
  • Working at Heights & Vertical Rescue
  • Confined Space Entry & Rescue
  • Gas Testing Atmospheres
  • Elevated Work Platforms
  • Forklift Trucks
  • Various Plant and Equipment
  • Company & In-house Training
  • Skills Re-freshers

ATC Offshore also develop client & equipment specific or other soft skills/short courses that may be required for company compliance when conducting operations in specific regions around the world.

Please contact the ATC Offshore Administration Team via our enquires page or contact us page for further information on any of our services

ATC Offshore offers training to develop a safer work environment and the effective prevention and control of emergencies.
We also recognise clients needs and  requirements for total competency assurance solutions.

We aim to exceed customer expectations by delivering:

  • Provide International standardised training which is recognised globally
  • Innovative training solutions tailored to customers’ needs
  • Competitive pricing
  • Flexibility of booking and training times
  • Comprehensive training courses
  • Competent trainers with expert credentials and highly developed teaching skills
  • Realistic training scenarios designed with industry input
  • Offshore Crane Simulations
  • Hands on Training

We continue to provide persons undertake training with the necessary skills and qualifications required to maintain best industry standards and practice.

The Australian Oil & Gas industry is leading the world in safety training initiatives and ATC Offshore is committed to helping ensure that these programs are successful in further improving safety culture through-out the greater Australasian region and effectively globally.

ATC Offshore is a viable financial end to end option encompassing all aspects of offshore lifting operations noting aswell our unique ability to provide services compliant to multiple international standards.

This can reduce the logistical impact of sourcing multiple companies for lifting solutions. The option of utilising a our organisation for international lifting, operations, training & inspection disciplines will be a most desirable option for companies and individuals alike.

ATC Offshore can mobilise our offshore crane inspectors, trainers, assessors and manpower anywhere in the world to deliver internationally recognised training, verification of competency and other skills assessments.

Onsite training is a flexible and cost/time effective solution as we work around your production schedules with minimal downtime. There is a reduced risk of your employees not `showing-up’ to the training courses and training/assessment can be undertaken whilst work is being performed.

We can customize and modify training and assessment to meet your company and operational policies, procedures, standards and any specific equipment requirements.

Our trainer/assessors and support team can undertake training needs analysis (TNA), consulting, supervisions and development of skills training, community based education programs, commissioning and shut downs, competency management and assurance and career pathways.

ATC Offshore is a very skilled and engaging training facilitator with a passion for Safety and Crane workings. ATC course documentation and site compliance in regards to Safety and site procedures has been second to none.

We will be engaging ATC for further High Risk Training.

ATC Offshore has displayed exemplary knowledge and understanding of Australian OHS legislation, efficient time management whilst adhering to all company policies and procedures, safe and competent Offshore Crane Operator Training in an offshore environment and thorough supervision of trainees and personnel on-board the Casterone DP pipe laying vessel.

ATC Offshore not only displayed a high level of theory instructional abilities, but was also able to display the same high diligence to the practical components of the course. Apart from conducting practical’s as per the training continuum, ATC was also able to display real life situations to trainees as they occur on site. ATC Instructors abilities to teach by stages and not progress till all individuals had reached set goals per module was impressive and allowed all trainees to develop confidence prior to commencing to the next level. I have no hesitation is recommending ATC Offshore for any Individual or Companies training requirements.

ATC Offshore and their Director are passionate, have a clear vision and willingness to reach the pinnacle of training excellent to ensure the highest quality trainers are utilised to ensure all trainees are educated to the relevant local and international standards using the latest simulation tools available. I am proud to know that ATC are now affiliated with Nobles and we share international accreditation with organisations such as LEEA.

The safety and wellbeing of all personnel was one of the key focuses of the ATC Offshore’s delivery and he ensured that each member of the class understood effective communication methods, diligent pre planning and thorough inspections were the key to an incident free lift. Throughout the training the Instructor carried himself with professionalism and respect for each member of the class, making sure everyone understood the learning material of each module before moving on to the next topic. During the practical components, the Instructors showed the same level of professionalism, exposing the class to real life scenarios in the workplace, using clear concise instructions and reaffirming questioning to ensure each participant understood the capabilities of the equipment. As the Training Officer for West Angelas Drill and Blast I would definitely recommend ATC Instructors returning here for further training sessions.

ATC Offshore has shown be an honest and hard-working training provider. I am confident that ATC would be a valuable asset to any organisation with his skills and his attention to detail. ATC proved to be an indispensable asset on-board Saipem’s PLV the Castorone in the offshore training & assessment of stage 3 Offshore Crane Operators amongst numerous other training packages and i would have no hesitations in recommending ATC’s company services to any prospective individual or company