ATC Offshore is dedicated to driving continuous improvement across all aspects of our services including training and course development. The work done by our staff, management, employees, partners and affiliates is vital to the company’s future success as a provider of safety-critical training to high-risk industries.

Our Quality Management Systems (QMS) align with ISO 9001:2015

As a Third Party Provider to our Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO) obligations guide our Australian training inhouse quality assurance development to meet all compliance guidelines set out in the RTO standards of 2015

Our International offices have highly trained and qualified administration and technical teams that ensures the highest level quality of inspection and training services through their our QMS. ATC Offshore utilises various mediums in order to acquire feedback from customers and industry that is current and complaint.

ATC Offshore aims to be a leading global organisation for providing end to end lifting operation services and provide highly sought after and specialised safety skills training to high risk industry. ATC Offshore provides a professional services using simulated workplace environments and situations to develop skills and behaviours that address safety-critical industry needs.

ATC Offshore is dedicated to driving continuous quality improvement across all aspects of training and course development.

Our vision to “ensure the safest skilled workforce in industry” will be realised with implementation of our Quality Management System which guarantees graduates have a high level of comprehension in relation to the application and identification of safety systems in the workplace.

ATC Offshore is a Global Service Provider for Offshore Lifting Operations & Solutions