Whether it is your first time exposed to crane lifting operations or you are looking to re-validate your Offshore Crane Qualifications, our simulator is available to meet your needs and the needs of Industry.

ATC Offshore conducts Offshore Crane Training programs incorporating the use of an Offshore Crane Simulator supplied by ARI Simulators. Our Semi-Submersible Rig Virtual World utilises a Kingpost Pedestal Mounted Offshore Crane and Rig Tenders. 


  • Pre-start and post operational checks
  • Start up and shutdown procedures
  • Offshore crane deck operations
  • Discharging and back loading of supply vessels
  • Lifting of various cargo, bulk loads, hazardous containers
  • Different load behaviour
  • Diverse weather conditions including rain, fog, snow and storms
  • Operations in differing sea states
  • Realistic rope dynamics
  • Dynamic lifting scenarios
  • Day or night scenarios
  • Communications with rigging crews, vessels, bridge and mechanics
  • Simulate complexities with a range of crane failures
  • Interact with other cranes and plant
  • Conduct simulated personnel transfers

Delegates undertaking training with the use of our Crane Simulator will be challenged with realistic crane failure scenarios. These are designed to instil quick reaction skills and understanding of problems that may occur whilst operating cranes in an offshore environment. Delegates will learn how react to crane malfunctions, procedures to follow and who to communicate with in each event. Emergency exercises included in practises.

  • Personnel lift with wind effect (swinging)
  • Drop of load
  • Boom falling down
  • Continues swinging
  • Power failure
  • Hydraulic oil pressure (low or high pressure)
  • High water temperature
  • Crane blackout
  • 4 legs sling parted with only one sling left
  • High engine oil temperature
  • Manual overload protection system
  • Automatic overload protection
  • Emergency driving (back up pump or engine)
  • Constant tension


ARI Crane Simulators provide a realistic reproduction of the visual, behavioural and operational characteristics while making the operation of the simulator extremely simple and intuitive for trainees.

Our Crane Simulator provides a virtual non-destructive training environment for accelerated, hands on training to both novice and experienced operators. Trainees can repeatedly practise routine and specific tasks to imbibe safe and efficient work practises. 

Our ARI Crane Simulator is designed as a portable solution for conducting Offshore Crane Training and Assessments on location no matter how remote or in accessible your work site may be and comes with all the features you would expect to find when operating an Offshore Pedestal Crane. These features include;

  • Realistic Joystick Controls
  • LSI Load Safety Indicator
  • Computer Input and Display
  • Emergency Stop and Shutdown features
  • Alarms and Limiting Devices
  • Push button toggles
  • Large Screen Display of surroundings

Our ARI simulator has Assessment Feedback features and has a record of training for delegates. This feature allows for the revision of the crane simulation training for assessment purposes with a printable recording of productivity and safe operations such as;

  • Number of moves
  • Number of containers handled
  • Average number of lifts per hour
  • Total number of collisions
  • Number of major mistakes
  • Number of minor  mistakes

All operator and instructor events are logged and these events can be re-played during de-briefing.

Our ARI simulator meets OPITO standards for training and this all within a realistic training environment before you embark into real-life training, assessments or workplace situation.

ATC Offshore is a Global Service Provider for Offshore Lifting Operations & Solutions