The Australasian Training Company (ATC) is a leader in training and education services to industry, individuals and communities throughout the world. Founded by a team of experienced training and education professionals from the Australian and Asian vocational education and training (VET) sector, our goal is to provide sustainable futures through connected and equitable learning opportunities.

Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, we focus on addressing skills gaps in emerging economies and can provide a range of solutions including: fundamental work ready training; plant and equipment skills; workplace English language courses; community health and development programs; HSE; train-the-trainer; and Certificate and Diploma level qualifications. Our training and assessment is aligned to best practice standards including some based on the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF).

The Australasian Training Company holds international membership and accreditation in the offshore & lifting industries. We at ATC deliver high quality internationally recognised offshore crane operator training and assessments utilising the most prominent international legislation, regulations and standards.

ATC have recognised that individuals require qualifications in accordance to multiple International standards. We understand the challenges for personnel to keep licensing and certification up to date and the complexities faced when it is required to travel to a multitude of International locations to undertake, obtain or re-validate existing licensing and qualifications to suit the project they are employed on or seeking employment with.

ATC Training Services

Working or seeking employment in the following sectors?

  • Offshore Construction
  • Offshore Oil & Gas
  • Marine
  • Petro-Chemical
  • Mining
  • Construction

ATC issues Australian & International accreditation for a range of qualifications including but not limited to;

  • Offshore Cranes
  • All Classifications of Onshore Cranes
  • All levels of Rigging
  • All levels of Scaffolding
  • Working at Heights & Vertical Rescue
  • Confined Space Entry & Rescue
  • Gas Testing Atmospheres
  • Elevated Work Platforms
  • Forklift Trucks
  • Various Plant and Equipment
  • Company & In-house Training
  • Skills Re-fresher
  • Crane License Re-validation

Our Training Standards

ATC offers training to guarantee a safer workplace and the effective prevention and control of emergencies. We recognise customer requirements for total competency assurance solutions.

We aim to exceed customer expectations by delivering:

  • Accredited training which is recognised nationally and internationally
  • Innovative training solutions tailored to customers’ needs
  • Competitive pricing
  • Flexibility of booking and training times
  • Comprehensive training courses
  • Competent trainers with expert credentials and highly developed teaching skills
  • Realistic training scenarios designed with industry input
  • Offshore Crane Simulations
  • Hands on Training

We continue to provide persons undertake training with the necessary skills and qualifications required to maintain best industry standards and practice.

Why Train with ATC?

The Australian Oil & Gas industry is leading the world in safety training initiatives and ATC is committed to helping ensure that these programs are successful in further improving safety culture through-out the greater Australasian region.

ATC is a financial and logistically unique option, saving time and cost for persons undertaking training. Utilising a single training company for numerous international training & licensing disciplines will be a most desirable option for companies and individuals alike.

Training on Location

The Australasian Training Company can mobilise our trainers and assessors anywhere in the world to deliver internationally recognized training, verification of competency and other skills assessments.

Onsite training is a flexible and cost/time effective solution as we work around your production schedules with minimal downtime. There is a reduced risk of your employees not `showing-up’ to the training courses and training/assessment can be undertaken whilst work is being performed.

We can customize and modify training and assessment to meet your company and operational policies, procedures, standards and any specific equipment requirements.

Our trainer/assessors and support team can undertake training needs analysis (TNA), consulting, supervisions and development of skills training, community based education programs, commissioning and shut downs, competency management and assurance and career pathways.