This course is designed to ensure that participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate an offshore crane safely and efficiently. An offshore crane may include various crane classes temporarily or permanently mounted to a vessel, FPSO, MODU, fixed platforms, dive vessels, FSU’s and barges or similar.

The offshore crane operator training course is based on competencies within the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF); Legislation in the Workplace – AS 2550.1 Safe use of Cranes; NORSOK Standard R-003 – Safe use of lifting equipment; Offshore Petroleum Act 2006; IMCA Standards and Guidance notes
This training is recommended by the National Offshore Petroleum Safety Environment Management Authority (NOPSEMA) in the Australian offshore petroleum environment.


  • Input data and use of Load Safety Indicator Functions
  • Interpretation of Crane Capacity Charts and Manuals
  • Identify sea state and adverse weather conditions
  • Perform pre-operational and shutdown procedures
  • Safely control the crane during lifting operations
  • Demonstrate the ability to remove load swing
  • Safely conduct a series of Dynamic lifts and Blind lifts


  • Adherence to statutory and regulatory authority requirements and company procedures
  • Verify problems and equipment faults and demonstrate appropriate response procedures
  • Appropriate mathematical procedures for estimation and measurement of loads
  • Apply risk assessment and hazard control strategies
  • Locate and apply relevant documentation, policies and procedures
  • Establish and maintain communications with bridge, vessels and rigging crews
  • Use and interpret crane manufacturer’s specifications and data, including load charts, to enable the crane to be configured for the correct sea-state and specific load characteristics
  • Transfer of personnel between the facility and another vessel using appropriate approved equipment
  • Safe management of loads during diving operations and subsea operations
  • Heave compensation, passive, active and overload protection systems
  • Theoretical and final practical assessment is to be conducted with an offshore crane or simulator


We provide Nationally Recognised Training under a Third-Party Arrangement with Site Skills Training (RTO Provider No. 32531). Site Skills Training will be the issuing RTO for all Statements of Attainment associated with the nationally recognised VET courses listed in the agreement, and concurrently displayed on the ATC Offshore website.


There are no pre-requisites for this course


5 Days

 8 Persons